Anti Piracy

Anti-piracy measures are efforts to fight against copyright infringement, counterfeiting, and other violations of intellectual property laws.

Yes, Anti-Piracy is the need of the time. Unfortunately, in the fast moving digital world the illicit use of the copyrighted material and contents has become a big business. Globally, the legitimate copyright owners are losing hundreds of billions of dollars annually due to the illegal reproduction and distribution of their legitimate copyright materials and contents. To encounter the worst problem of piracy which is being faced by each copyright owner globally, the Codex Anti-Piracy Department provides you a boutique combination of data intelligence, proprietary technology and high expertise to detect as well as defend against manual and online piracy around the world. The aim of Codex & Co. is to render a one stop solution encompassing data verification, online tracking, detection and eradication of material and content infringements.   Our unique Anti-Piracy Team is ready to pursue a more reactive strategy by tracking, analyzing and enforcing the following measures to protect your legitimate rights: