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A tax advisor or tax consultant is a person with advanced training and knowledge of tax law. The services of a tax advisor are usually retained in order to minimize taxation while remaining compliant with the law in complicated financial situations. Tax Advisors are also retained to represent clients before tax authorities and tax courts to resolve tax issues.

1. Taxation

We provide taxation services to a very wide range of corporate and private clients and our services include the following:

2. Corporate and Management Consultancy

The broad range of secretarial services offered by us is as follows:

3. MIS & IT Services.

We are offering specialist services in the following areas:

4. Other Ancillary / Value added Services

We are also offering following ancillary / value added specialist services:

5. Specialized Services to Public and Private Sectors

We are also providing following additional value added or client specific services:

6. Corporate & Commercial Law

Codex & Co. provides following corporate legal service to its national and international clients: