An Intellectual Property Right which protects the visual design only and not the functional part of the article is known as an industrial design. Registered Design Ordinance

Who is the Proprietor or Creator of a Design?

According to Section 2 (h) of the Registered Design Ordinance “proprietor or creator of a design means,-
(i) where the author or creator of the design

What may not be Registered as a Design?

a) A design which is not original, new or novel.
b) A design which is similar to the already registered design or have already published anywhere in the world before the application of registration the design.
c) A priority claiming application of the design have published/registered before the priority date.

Requirements for Registration of a Design

An application for the registration of a design must be made on prescribed Form, and must be accompanied by the prescribed number of representations of the design or the specimen of the article bearing the design and by the prescribed fee and affidavit.


Proceedings for Registration of Design

An application for the registration of a design shall be in the prescribed form and shall be filed at the Patent Office in the prescribed manner

Benefits of Registration of Industrial Design

 The following are the benefits of registration of industrial design application in Pakistan The proprietor has exclusive rights on the industrial design application in Pakistan.

Infringement of a Registered Design

If any person infringes a registered proprietor’s right, the registered proprietor may bring a suit against him for the recovery of damages and for an injunction against the continuation of the infringement.

Cancellation of Registration

Any person interested may by a petition made at any time after the registration of a design, to the High Court or within two years of the registration of a design;